Frequently Asked Questions

What is TAP Gateway?

TAP Gateway is a carrier-neutral TAP service provider, meaning we will accept text messages, using the Telocator Alphanumeric Protocol (TAP), for any cellular phone with any carrier that is part of the global SMS network.

TAP Gateway brings the TAP protocol to the 21st centry by adding features, such as logging and group messaging, and by providing customer service with TAP software and services.

When you call TAP Gateway asking about TAP, you won't get "What's that?", like you do when calling your cellular phone carrier. We can even assist you with the configuration of your TAP client software.

Does TAP Gateway Support Google Voice?

Yes, though technically not a cellular phone provider, TAP Gateway supports SMS messages to Google Voice numbers.

Does TAP Gateway Support T-Mobile and Virgin?

Yes, TAP Gateway supports nearly all cellular phone carriers, even if your carrier does not support TAP themselves.

Does TAP Gateway Have a Toll Free Access Number?

No, TAP Gateway does not currently have a toll free access number.

Customers needing toll free access may purchase their own toll free number from the long distance carrier of their choice and direct that number to the TAP Gateway access number.

It is very important that your toll free carrier does not use VoIP for their call routing. Analog modems do not work well with packet-switched call paths.

Do I Need to Pay for AT&T Enterprise Paging?

No, TAP Gateway works with your AT&T service without having to pay for Enterprise Paging. With TAP Gateway, you can save hundreds of dollars per month, depending on the number of phones you have.

Does TAP Gateway support SNPP?

Yes, TAP Gateway supports SNPP at

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