TAP Gateway can be more cost-effective than your cellular provider's "enterprise" messaging systems, especially if you have mutiple phones. TAP Gateway is billed quarterly, semiannually, or annually by credit/debit card or Net 30. There are currently six plans available. Custom plans are available by calling TAP Gateway at +1 (702) 216-6116.

Plan Monthly Messages* Additional Messages Private DID Quarterly Price
TAP-100 100/month $0.10/each No $30.00/quarter
TAP-250 250/month $0.10/each No $45.00/quarter
TAP-500 500/month $0.08/each Yes $90.00/quarter
TAP-1000 1000/month $0.06/each Yes $150.00/quarter
TAP-3000 3000/month $0.04/each Yes $300.00/quarter
TAP-5000 5000/month $0.03/each Yes $450.00/quarter

*Note: TAP Gateway monthly and per-message fees are for TAP Gateway access only. Standard text message rates with your carrier also apply. Messages to destinations outside USA and Canada are subject to additional per-message fees.

You can try TAP Gateway for FREE for 14 days by registering for a trial account

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